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CNA’s fines in 2012: over Euro 700,000


CNACNA applied, in 2012, over 320 sanctions, from which 115 fines with a total value of RON 3.08M (Euro 716.860), according to CNA’s activity report.


Moreover, CNA approved 56 audiovisual licenses (1 for satellite broadcasting, 7 for terrestrial, 10 for satellite TV and 38 for electronic communication networks).

When it came of sanctions, 112 decision were related to not respecting the local electoral campaign legislation, 24 for breaking the law in presenting on radio and TV the results of the referendum related to releasing the president from the job, and 21 for not respecting legislation on Parliamentary elections . Other sanctions: 46 for not respecting audiovisual legislation on human dignity and right to own image, 27 – not respecting the principle of correct information and pluralism, 20 related to children’s protection, 14 sanctions and 13 decision to enter legality related to sponsorships, advertising and teleshopping and 14 for political advertising.

CNA monitored last year 16,060 hours of programs broadcasted by generalist news stations, 23,440 hrs of programming on news and debates TVs and 2,946 hrs broadcasted by other TVs, along with 6,465 hrs of radio shows.

CNA answered, last year, to 4,994 complaints from which 1,581 related to central radios or TVs and the rest targeted CATV networks and local radios and TVs

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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