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How many Romanians watched Pro TV’s last Romanians got talent semifinal?


Romanians got talent chose its finalists, after the last semifinal, which took place on May 3 rd. It was the longest show in the contest: it started at 20.30 and lasted until almost 1AM. The final of the show is scheduled to take place on May 10th.


At national level, during the 4 hours and a quarter long show, Pro TV was watched every minute by around 2.3M Romanians. Second was Antena 1, with an average viewership of 623,000 people.

Last week’s semifinal had 2.7M viewers and the one broadcasted 2 weeks ago was watched by 3.4M Romanians. The golden minute in audience was 22.36, when 3.64M people were watching the show.

In urban areas, the show was watched by 1.2M people. Pro TV was seconded by Antena 1, with 3 times lower audience, of 400,000 people. The golden minute when it comes of the urban public was
23.15, when 1.97M people were watching the show.

When it comes of the commercial segment, Romanians got talent attracted 628,000 viewers from this segment (11.4 rtg), with Antena 1 following, with 243.000 viewers (4.4 rtg).

More info on the audience during Romanians got talent interval is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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