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Public war at CNA: Laura Georgescu publicly summons Valentin Jucan, he answers "CNA's president lies"


Laura Georgescu - Sursa foto:
Laura Georgescu - Sursa foto:


CNA tensions are rebuffing also outside the institution, with Laura Georgescu, CNA's president, coming with a public summon towards a CNA member, pointing out also a few salary costs. In reply, Valentin Jucan comes with an answer: "CNA's president lies".

Laura Georgescu publicly summoned Valentin Jucan, a member of CNA, to participate to institution's meetings, suggesting that he gets holidays on Tuesdays and Thursdays on purpose, in order to not participate to CNA's meetings. She also mentions that her monthly salary is RON 5,000, while the costs for Jucan (including accommodation and transport) reach up to RON 11,000.

As a reply, Jucan said that he announced with enough time before that he will take holidays and that CNA's lack of forum was the result of the absence of another 2 members; he also added that he pays from his own money a lot of the expenses

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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