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How did telecom ad budgets were distributed among TVs?


televizorPro TV and Intact attracted the highest ad volumes from telecom companies in the first half of the year. Kanal D managed to get 7% of the telecom budget, the most dynamic and rich category in TV advertising, Forbes writes.


Pro TV S.A. delivered to telecom operators 38.371,5 audience points (Gross Rating Point – GRP’30) on the commercial target (18 – 49 y.o), between January 1st - June 15th.

The audience volume is 14,4% smaller than in the same period last year and represents 46,1% from the total GRP budget obtained by the category.

Intact Group (Antena TV Group and Antena 3) delivered 26.403,6 GRP’30 on the commercial target, 16% more audience than in 2012. The volume delivered this year represents 31,7% from telecom operators total budget.
Together, Pro TV S.A and Intact gathered 77,8% from the communication budgets invested by telecom sector on the TV market

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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