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Weekend Audiences: Football beats the movies, Jackie Chan sinks Vedete la apa


Foto: AFP/Mediafax Foto
Foto: AFP/Mediafax Foto


The weekend started with a football match opposing Poli Timisoara and Dinamo, broadcasted on Antena 1, and the action movie Stealth on Pro TV. Saturday, animated Cinderella fought with Las Fierbinti and, on Sunday, Antena 1 launched Vedete la apa (Stars in the water) to beat Jackie Chan. Who won?

On Friday, football beats the movie

Friday night was dominated by Antena 1, with Poli Timisoara – Dinamo football match watched by 900.000 Romanians, 600.000 of them living in urban areas.
With Stealth, Pro TV was behind Antena 1 in terms of audiences. Still, Pro TV ranked better on the commercial segment: 260.000 viewers (4.7 rtg), compared to 218.000 for Antena 1 (3.9 rtg).

On Saturday, Romanians watched comedy

Antena 1 and Pro TV were fighting in comedies on Saturday evening, with Cinderella versus Las Fierbinti. Las Fierbinti won the fight, with over 1M Romanians watching it, over half (560.000) living in urban areas

Jackie Chan sank Antena 1's "Stars in water"
Antena 1's summer show faced "Neighborhood Spy" Jackie Chan on Pro TV, with Chan winning the race.
More data on week-end audiences is available here.

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