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Ströer Outdoor group bought Ballroom, company that owns AdEvolution and Midas


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German Ströer Group bought Ballroom International, company that owns the main shares package in AdEvolution (company founded by Val Voicu) and Midas, the ad sales house founded by Silviu Ispas (after he left ARBO/Godlbach), Dragos Stanca writes, on his blog.

Ströer Media AG bought 53.4 % from Ballroom Group, according to an official press release posted on German company’s website.

Ballroom was founded by former manager of ARBO Media – Olaf Bergner and Alexander Sigl -, which left the company after it was bought by Goldbach and invested more in emerging markets.

Once the transaction is complete, Ströer Media AG enters officially in Ballroom International Group shareholdership with the intention to develop the business on 3 directions:

  • At national level (synergies between outdoor and digital activities, in the field of direct sales towards clients and agency)
  • At international level (there are certain interests in markets such as Russia, MENA and Asia)
  • At technological level (AdScale and other relevant products in technology field will help the company to maintain its existent position of innovative leader in digital advertising field)

In 2012, Ballroom generated consolidated sales of around Euro 30M, with around 200 employees, according to a Ströer official press release.

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