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Emergency Ordinance - Politicians and ad men also have a thing or two to say about



The advertising agencies – through UAPR and IAA Romania’s voices – demand Romanian Government to retract the Emergency Ordinance modifying Audiovisual Law, with the sensitive point for agencies being the rebate that the document outlaws.

Government decision “brings a lot of worries to the business medium, that expects predictability and stability in the legislative process”, IAA and UAPR mention, in a common point of view.

“Today’s ordinance doesn’t justify the emergency character. That is the reason why we demand the Government to withdraw the document and start real and contructive consultations”, they also mention.

IAA and UAPR “repeatedly demanded to Romanian Government to organize transparent debates with all interested parties and with the civil society related to a law that, in the last instance, also has effects over the freedom of speech and over the right to image.

Audiovisual needs an attentive approach especially in a critical and sensitive period in Romania, namely the electoral campaign.

We want to expressly mention that the marketing, media and communication industry includes, apart from audiovisual, other communication channels such as press, online and outdoor. From here, we can see a biased character, anti-competitional even, of the ordinance”

According to the 2 associations, the ordinance doesn’t justify the emergency character and needs to be withdrawn and Romanian Executive has to start real and constructive consultation.

Ponta pulls 2013 budget in spotlight as justification for the Ordinance

Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta said that the ordinance was adopted to bring fiscal transparency in advertising contracts, as Government needs to know all incomes when it makes the budget for next year, Mediafax wrote.

Also, Ponta said the ordinance wasn’t yet published in the Official Monitor because Justice and Finance Ministries still have to give it the final shape, after eliminated all CNA related mentions in the document.

On the other hand, Romanian president said that the emergency ordinance must be considered as an abuse because it targets a domain where you can’t play and needs to legitimate at least by assuming the responsibility in Parliament. Romanian president also thinks that this ordinance was dictated by groups of interest, such as cable TV companies or Voiculescu (Intact Group) or Ghita (RTV).

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