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CNA votes Discovery’s removal from RCS&RDS network, a decision “ununderstandable”for Discovery


Discovery-nouCNA voted, with 7 votes for, the removal of Discovery Channels from RCS&RDS programs packages.


Valentin Jucan, CNA member, opposed this demand, saying that CNA should wait the decisions of Competition Council and ANPC (National Consumer Protection Association).

Discovery Channels exited from RCS&RDS programs packages starting December 1 st 2012, after the retransmission agreement between the 2 companies expired.

The vote given by CNA related to its channels removal from RCS&RDS programs packages is “ununderstandable”for Discovery.

“We hoped CNA will give more time to this case’s analysis in order to prevent the long term negative effects over the media market and to protect public’s interests”, Discovery Channel mentions, in an official position.

For 2013, Discovery prepares 2,000 hours of new programs

Discovery Networks will broadcast, in 2013, over 2,000 hours of new programs on the channels available in Romania, namely on Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet or Discovery Science.

The new content will include new programs and new seasons of known series .

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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