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AD: Can you kiss your own ass? Read Capital and you will be able to


Capturaţi ecranul complet 18.04.2013 121801.bmpRomanian business magazine Capital started recently a new print promotional campaign. “Be your own boss” is the slogan and the work was done by Graffiti BBDO.


“Capital is a business publication that makes you understand so well the business world so you can reach to the needed knowledge to be your own boss”, explains Alexandru Stambeanu, copywriter Graffiti BBDO. The “Knowledge” was illustrated with the idea of ass kissing.

Alexandru Strambeanu for

„Business publication audience is a very special one, one that keeps on looking for ideas and contexts to evolove professionally. Even the so-called corporatists look for opportunities to become independent or to go up as fast as possible on corporative ladder. Because, when you have no bosses anymore, you don’t have to flatter anyone anymore. Starting from this truth, we developed a surprising campaign that shows one of the benefits of being a Capital reader”.

Coincidence: Capital’s ad has an older and more awarded “sister”
The ad for Capital, launched a week ago by Graffiti, with the title “Be your own boss”, has an older “sister”: a commercial with the same slogan and same idea.

The other commercial was made in 2009 by JWT India for a financial service and has a similar idea and the same slogan with Capital’s ad. JWT’s print was awarded at Cannes Lions.
The 2 similar ads were posted on the website joelapompe.

In a reaction on its Facebook page, after ‘s post started circulating, Graffiti mentioned: “It was about time for this to happen to us too. Of course we didn’t know by the Indians, we aren’t crazy to work as much for nothing”

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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