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Cabral and Mircea Solcanu – again on daily basis; replaces CancanTV


cabral - mircea solcanuCabral and Mircea Solcanu are coming back with “Poveştiri de noapte”, every evening from Monday to Thursday, starting 22.00. Starting 22.30 to 23.00, also tonight, starts, a program hosted by Marius Nitu, until recently reporter at Cancan TV. The 2 productions replace CanCan TV, that exists Acasa TV’s programs schedule.


Cabral and Mircea Solcanu presented the same show until a year ago, when they were replaced by Cancan TV, hosted by Adrian Artene and Ilinca Vandici. Cancan TV didn’t perform and had audience results way under its competitors.

Moreover, CanCan TV changed three TVs: it debuted on B1, continued on Kanal D and than it reached on Acasa TV.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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