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New TVR’s programs schedule brings on screen Nistorescu, Cristoiu, Dinescu, Miruna Munteanu


tvrTVR announces, next week, its new programs schedule and a new selection of journalists that will be present in its spring line-up: Cornel Nistorescu, Ion Cristoiu and Mircea Dinescu.


Nistorescu will host a week-end show, Cristoiu will produce, on TVR2, a show reviewing books while Dinescu will have Politics and delicacies on TVR 1 and a talk-show with Romanian rich people on TVR 2.

Florin Iaru will produce, on TVR 2, “Enigmas and conspirations (from Romanian culture)” show, that will explore subjects like: Maria Tanase, a spu?, the poet and politician Octavian Goga, the philosopher, politician and historic Nicolae Iorga and so on.

Contracts with TVR were also signed by the journalists Daniel Apostol, Miruna Munteanu and Ion M. Ionita.

The list of the new journalists in TVR’s spring schedule includes:

• Cornel Nistorescu
• Ion Cristoiu
• Mircea Dinescu

• Daniel Apostol
• Florin Iaru
• Ion M. IOniţă
• Miruna Munteanu

Stelian Tanase: TVR 1’s schedule costs Euro 25,000 a week

Stelian Tanase, ad interim head of TVR, said that TVR 1’s spring schedule is the cheapest in television’s history and costs Euro 25,000 per week.

Tanase added that TVR 1 will be a news and current affairs station, while TVR 2 will mainly have cultural programs.

“We have the smallest amount a public TV spends on its programs. All programs’ schedule from TVR 1 costs Euro 25,000 per week. We are working to come up with the costs we can afford. It is the cheapest programs schedule from TVR’s history”, Tanase stated, adding that the cost for TVR 2’s programs schedule is Euro 15,000 per week.

Irina Radu, programs director TVR, said that the amounts mentioned by Tanase for the weekly schedule from TVR 1 and TVR 2 do not include the news or the budgets for movies
Tanase: We gave up costly programs that don’t justify the audience.

“We gave up evasion-generating programs, that are costly and specific to public TVs and don’t justify the audiences. Those programs are abundant on privately owned TVs. We chose mandatory programs, we are counting on information, debate, culture and education”, Tanase said.

Tanase also said that, since private TVs appeared, TVR made the mistake to compete with them and the result was that the public took distance from TVR as it wasn’t finding even here the info it needed. He also added that TVR, in 2014, approaches the public TV model and aims to follow the BBC model.

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