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Uninspired political break-up: USL chose to part ways during Suleyman’s night. The sultan dominated the audience


suleymanSultan Suleyman proved more powerful than USL political leaders on Tuesday evening, when the political alliance broke.


TVs audience was ominated by Kanal D’s series on the interval Suleyman intersected with the political events.

Around 21.30, the news stations were broadcasting, quoting sources, the info on PNL’s exit from government. Half hour later, the divorce was official and, at that moment, Suleyman the Magnificent was running on Kanal D.

During the interval 21.30-22.15 (when Suleyman ended), Kanal D had over 1.8M Romanians in front of the TV. The news channel closest in audience was Antena 3, ranking 4th in general audience top with 700.000 viewers.

Romania TV was watched by 434.000 Romanians, while B1 had 341.000 viewers.
Between 21.30-22.15, Realitatea TV had an average of 163.000 viewers, 84.000 from urban areas.

Antena 3 was the most watched news channel the entire evening

During the entire evening with political events (21.30-24.00), 1st position in the audience top was held by Kanal D. In the news category, Antena 3 was the most watched, followed, in urban areas, by B1, Romania TV and Realitatea. At national level, the top was leaded by Antena 3, Romania TV, B1 and Realitatea.

More audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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