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February salaries at EVZ – “frozen” due to insolvency. Employees got money directly for March


DanAndronic-GandulEvenimentul Zilei’s employees were announced that February salaries “were frozen” due to insolvency, which means they can get the money just after employees, enter the creditors list.


As it was impossible to pay February’s salaries, the journalists were paid in advance money from March salaries.

Dan Andronic, owner Evenimentului zilei, explained for

“According to the law, there can’t be made any payments for the month when insolvency is declared. Related to the salaries, we’re not talking about a full month, but just about half month. The company has money for salaries in its accounts but, as it is under judicial management, the payments cannot be made now”.

In a message sent to employees, the management said that “to recover February’s money, people must enter the creditors list and will receive the money depending of the moment when the reorganization plan is approved”.

The situation at Evenimentul zilei happens shortly after the company entered insolvency.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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