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Romanian CNA denounces 42 websites distributing pirated series to Romanian Police



Romanian Audiovisual Council denounced to Romanian Police 42 websites distributing illegally different movies and series, Mediafax informs.

CNA decided to submit its denouncement to the police as the websites do not respect the audiovisual legislation and do not have the rights to distribute the content.

The denouncement was made following an address from Pro TV, that signaled the existence of 42 websites offering on demand pirated content for which they do not own the distribution rights. Pro TV’s address mentions also that the company already notified more companies related to the rights over the illegaly distributed content.

After analyzing the legal ways they have to act towards the mentioned websites, CNA members decided, with unanimity of votes, to signal this matter to the police. The full list of websites distributing pirated content is available on

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Autor: Petrişor Obae

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