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X-Factor, kicked by Hollywood fighters


Sunday night battle was between X-Factor (Antena 1) and Sacrifice Heroes blockbuster (Pro TV), starring Silvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke.

During the interval, there were 1.6M Romanians watching Pro TV, from which 952,000 living in urban areas. X Factor was watched by 994,000 Romanians (3rd place nationally, following Pro TV and Kanal D), from which 695,000 living in urban areas (2nd place urbanly).

The longest X-Factor – lasted over 4 hours

X-Factor lasted over 4 hours and a quarter (ended almost at 1AM). During the 4 hours, Antena 1 was on the 2nd place, following Pro TV, both nationally and on urban level.

The average numbers of viewers per minute at X-Factor was 844,000 viewers nationally (250,000 less than Pro TV).

At Urban level, X-Factor attracted over 600,000 viewers per minute, 46,000 less than Pro TV.

On the commercial level, from X-Factor’s public, 343,000 viewers had 18-49 y.o (6.2 rtg), with Antena 1 ranking second after Pro TV.

More audience data for X-Factor, available here

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