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Analysis: Romanian online market – Euro 29M. How much the main players earned?



Romanian online specialist Doru Panaitescu made, on his blog, a round up of advertising incomes for the main Romanian online advertising players. According to him and following discussions with actors on the online market, the first 30 players in Romanian online attracted together net revenues of Euro 29.1M

The estimation doesn’t include the revenues Google and Facebook obtained from the Romanian market. “Optimists say that Google alone makes Euro 15M per year from Romanian Google Ads, the realists say that the numbers can be even double”, Panaitescu notes.

The main online publishers’ revenues:

  • Ibu Pro TV - over Euro 2M
  • Mediafax – Mediafax Group – over Euro 4M
  • Q2M / Thinkdigital – Euro 3M
  • Beyond Media / Adevolution – Euro 1M
  • GSP / Convergent Media – Euro 1.5M
  • Ringier Romania – Euro 750,000
  • Hotnews – Euro 600,000
  • Intact Publishing – Euro 200,000

The numbers for all 30 players on Romanian market are available here.

Translation provided by AdHugger

Autor: Iulia Bunea

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