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Competition Council: Antena TV stations could enter for free on Digi network. Council’s position on Government’s Emergency Ordinance (EO)



Antena 1, Antena 3, Euforia and Antena 2 could enter for free in DTH Digi (RCS owned) programs, if the Government will take in consideration the recommendations made by Competition’s Council. received a Competition Council document and presents the observations of the institution on EO to modify the Audiovisual law.

Competition’s Council is ok-ing EO only if the Government will take in consideration Competition Council’s observations.

The main observations made by the Competition Council:

-          Between TV programs distribution and retransmission by satellite (Digi or Dolce), one cannot make differences in applying the must-carry principle (public TVs and TVs free for retransmission are mandatory to be retransmitted by operators). Following this observation, Antena channels (that were asking for money to be retransmitted on Digi) will be included in operator’s programs. This is the demand that needs to be approved in order for Competition Council to give its OK on EO.

-          The council recommends to introduce in operator’s programs the TV station not in the audience decreasing order (as EO states), but in increasing order, so that small TV stations to be encouraged too. Placing the main TVs in the start would consolidate their power and defavor the small or new TVs

-          One cannot retransmit programs with the same quality, because the broadcasting equipments from TVs vary and have different functioning parameters

-          The EO part forbidden rebate and saying that ad clients must discuss with each TV must be reformulated.In the form EO is now, there is risks that broadcasters couldn’t be able to valorify their ad space directly. “A limitation of broadcaster’s right to dispose of its own ad space, according to its legit interests, could represent a limitation of the economic freedom, as it is presented in art 45 of Romanian Constitution”, the Council mentions

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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