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Romania’s Voice and X Factor – How many Romanians watched the semi-finals?



Romania’s Voice (Pro TV) selected its finalists on Friday, while X Factor followed with its own semifinals.

Romania’s Voice was audience leader with its Friday semifinal, while X Factor’s semifinal on Sunday was overrun by Pro TV at urban level. At national level, Antena 1’s contest ranked 3rd, after Pro TV and Kanal D .

Romania’s Voice semifinal was watched on Pro TV by 1.24M viewers every minute, with 850,000 living in urban areas. On the commercial segment, 506,000 of Romania’s Voice viewers were from the commercial target (9.1 rtg). Antena 1 was 2nd, with 374,000 viewers on the commercial target (6.8 rtg)

X Factor’s semifinals was in the 2nd position in audiences on urban level, overran by Pro TV. At national level,  Antena 1 and X Factor ranked 3rd, with half of Pro TV’s audience. On the commercial segment, 360,000 from X Factor’s viewers were aged 18-49y.o. (6.5 rtg). On the same interval, Pro TV had 582,000 viewers from the segment and 10.5 rating.

Detailed audience tables are available here

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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