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Romania’s Voice claims leadership, Ernest advances to 4th place and X Factor is outranked by Acces Direct and Happy Hour



Romania’s Voice leaded the audiences ranking for entertainment shows, with “Do I know you from somewhere” occupying the 3rd place. Ernest’s show on Kanal D, “The eyes in the shadow”, reached the 4th position. Moreover, it is the 3rd month when Acces Direct overruns Happy Hour in audiences

Entertainment’s November

Romania’s Voice was the only entertainment show with an audience average of over 1M viewer per minute on urban public. I dance for you attracted 975,000 viewers per minute.

Eyes in the shadow from Kanal D went up until 4th position, with an average of 787,000 viewers per minute.

Access Direct is, for the 3rd month consecutively, over Happy Hour in audience, although the distance is small, of around 6,000 viewers in Access Direct’s favor.

X Factor reached on the 9th place in entertainment show’s top, with 609,000 viewers per minute, being surpassed by both Acces Direct and Happy Hour.

Full audience table is available here

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Autor: Iulia Bunea

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