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“Do you think you’re normal?”, Oprah format present on Kanal D starting February 2nd


Kanal D launches, starting February 2nd, 21.00, the contest-show “Do you think you’re normal?”, hosted by Escu and Tili Niculae. The program is the Romanian version of Oprah’s format “Are you normal, America”.


The show will be broadcasted on Saturdays, on prime-time, is based on a set of daring questions related to what is normal or not in our lives.

The new show is a contest-show during which a 2 members team must answer 8 questions in the main round and to 3 in the bonus round. The questions are selected based on polls made all over the country by a specialized company.

Correct answer – same with the result of the polls – for each question in the main round worths a certain amount of money.

When the team doesn’t answer correctly, it isn’t out of the contest, but it only looses the amount for that particular question and goes to the next one. After answering all questions in the main round, the team gets to the bonus round. The wins in 2 rounds are accumulated.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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