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Dragos Stanca: Facebook doesn’t mean just content, it is a platform where you have to take care of your public image


facebook internetFacebook doesn’t mean just content, it is a platform where you have to take care of your public image”, Dragoş Stanca said, at Social Media Summit Bucharest. Stanca is Managing Partner Thinkdigital, company that represents Facebook sales in Romania.


At his turn, Costin Cocioabă, owner , considers social media means 24/24

Dragoş Stanca:

  • Facebook isn’t just a page, but a whole net of things, situations and ways we can attract traffic.
  • Facebook doesn’t mean just a page, but Paid Media and Earned Media.
  • Facebook doesn’t mean just applications (here people open pages, some Facebook Ads, few apps and it’s done, although Facebook allows much more).
  • Facebook doesn’t mean just spam apps quiz-like or desktop ads (2.2M monthly active mobile users in Romania).
  • Facebook doesn’t mean just marketplace and doesn’t encourage chaos, that is why only 16% of fans can see your posts, so you must think how to be relevant and to produce content interesting for the public.
  • Facebook isn’t used just in campaigns (acquisition, engagement, awareness) and doesn’t mean like with any cost, spam-tags, events.
  • Facebook must be treated exactly the way we treat our house and office.

Costin Cocioaba,

  • Facebook – advantages: targeting (content, ads), clear audience and numbers, online property (publishing, community and interaction, marketing); disadvantages: volatile content (no archive, no searchable content, content structured just via photo albums and apps, frequent modifications)
  • Blog: advantages: access to communities that already exist, immediate results, indexable content, better communication with consumers; disadvantages: few bloggers for campaigns, audience – unknown at individual level, involvement in useless scandals, dilution of personal brands, lack of consequence

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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