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Patriciu versus Patriciu


Dinu-Patriciu-MediafaxRomanian businessman Dinu Patriciu is being force executed by his own company, with Bucharest District 1 Court admitting the forced execution demand from Dinu Patriciu, submitted by DP Holding.


In October 2012, Mediafax was writing that Dinu Patriciu put a mortgage on paintings of its personal collection with an acquisition value of over Euro 2M towards companies he controls, registered in Switzerland or Cyprus, but also towards a person he is supposed to have an extra-conjugal relationship.

Starting last autumn, Patriciu put a mortgage in favor of DP Holding (Switzerland), Veridesco Limited (Cyprus) and Melanie Anne Chen, for around 80 paintings from his personal collection. Melanie Chen is member in the managing board of DP Holding and executive president at Marine Resources Exploration International BV, companies owned by Patriciu.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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