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Dinu Patriciu about Razvan Corneteanu and Adevarul: He was changed when he needed to be


Foto: Mediafax
Foto: Mediafax


Razvan Corneteanu was changed when he needed to be changed”, Dinu Patriciu said, in an interview for X-Pres, a show made by Sabin Orcan at B1 TV. Patriciu’s statement came as an answer to a question on management changes made at Adevarul Holding in 2010, when Corneteanu was replaced by Peter Imre as company’s head.

“I made a poor choice and I did it for reasons beyond gesture’s rationality”. Asked if he refers to Peter Imre (that demanded forced execution of Patriciu for an Euro 80,000 debt), Patriciu said he won’t give names, but added that poor choice brought Adevarul where it ended.

Patriciu also said that he would still invest in media, as he believes “online and print press have obvious synergies. TV, in its classical form, will disappear”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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