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Chinezu’, an A-list Romanian blogger, produces a TV show – Personal brands and the stories behind them


Cristian China-Birta – Romanian A-list blogger known online for his blog, www. – will have his own TV show, “Brandu’ lu’ Chinezu


The show is to be broadcasted on Look TV starting September 23rd, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting 22.00.

Why TV? And why Brandu’ lu’ Chinezu’?

Cristi China, for

“Yes, I start on TV! Anyways, that’s a way of putting it, I am not a show producer or whatever they call them. I am just a blogger that wanted to know some extremely interesting people and to show them to the world. And I managed to do it”

Chinezu’s show is about people that built a personal brand in the proper manner. Among the people interviewed and that will appear in China-Birta’s show, there are Magda Catone, Cristian Ţopescu, Nicu Alifantis, Mişu Cernea, Radu Gabriel, Virgil Ianţu and Zoia Alecu.

Cristi China, about the show:

“I promise there will be a clean show, that nobody can reproach it is tabloid that could be watched by the entire family without any problems”.

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