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Antena Stars – green light from CNA, after one rejection and several postponements


antena starsThe transformation of Antena 2 in Antena Stars was green-lighted by CNA, with 6 votes for and 2 against, with 3 CNA members not participating to the meeting. The decision comes after several failed attempts made by Antena Group in order to get CNA’s ok to modify the programs schedule.


2 members of CNA, Valentin Jucan and Narcisa Iorga – that weren’t present at the meeting – issued a press release in which they show that CNA, with the ok vote for Antena Stars, “greenlighted tabloidization and perpetuation of TV junk”. They also mentioned they didn’t participate to the vote because the meeting was called under pressure.

On the other hand, CNA wants to see Antena 2 respecting the programs schedule it presented for Antena Stars. This comes after Antena 2 entered live (on December 16th) with its new programs and Antena Stars logo, even if it hadn’t had, at that moment, CNA’s ok .

CNA tried multiple times to reanalyze Antena’s demand to modify the audiovisual license for Antena 2 . Antena 2 – Antena Stars case also represented the subject of a press conference organized by CNA president at the end of last week.

CNA decided, in its meeting on December 10th, to reject Antena Stars project because Antena 2 could become a tabloid TV and because of Bianca Dragusanu Slav. Antena Stars should’ve relaunch in this formula starting December 16th .

At CNA’s meeting, Intact was represented by Cristi Brancu (Agentul VIP), Cristi Ionescu (project manager Antena Stars), Mihai Morar, Sorin Alexandrescu and lawyers.

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