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Pro TV switched to 16:9 format


protvStarting December 1st, Pro TV’s program is “available most of the time in 16:9 format”, according to


“This way it will be finalized the switch process to 16:9 format started more than a year ago, along with the other channels of the group: acasa TV, PRO CINEMA, SPORT.RO, ACASA GOLD and MTV Romania”, an official announcement posted on Pro TV’s website says.

The explanations offered by Pro TV to its viewers:

“The owners of TVs with “wide screen” /16:9 that, this moment, are watching Pro TV stretched all over the screen and deformed on horizontal or with black lateral stripes left to right, will be able to watch, starting December 1st, a undeformed image over the entire screen. On the older TV sets 4:3, ProTV will broadcast a signaling info of the image aspect (WSS) that will determine the TVs to show correct image, with no deformation
How can viewers see image in 16:9 format
In order for viewers to see the image, no matter to which company they have subscription, Pro TV recommends the following:
If they have STB (Set Top Box) from the cable operator, they must verify the settings of the machine for the type of TV they own (4:3 or 16:9) and settings for image format; the correct settings option is the one in which Pro TV’s image isn’t deformed.
If they receive Pro TV signal without an STB, than they need to check TVs settings and select the setting that shows Pro TV’s image non-deformed (usually 16:9 or Auto).
The same settings of the TV will show correctly, without any deformation, all the programs of our group and all the other channels that respect the standard of signalizing the aspect (…).” (source

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