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Audiences: Titanic’s sink, watched by 2.5M Romanians


titanicBroadcasted for the 4th time on Pro TV in the last few years, Titanic kept in front of the TVs couple of millions of Romanians.


The audience of Titanic, broadcasted on January 4th, was of 2.33M viewers, with 1.1M of them living in urban areas.

During the interval the movie intersected with “300”, broadcasted on Antena 1 (22.20-23.55), James Cameron’s movie had a bigger audience: 2.41M Romanians compared to 624.000 watching Antena 1.

In urban areas, during the intersection interval, Titanic had 1,2M viewers and 300 – close to 400.000.

For previous Titanic broadcasts, the best performance was on January 2nd 2011, when Titanic was watched by over 2.6M Romanians.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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