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In Moldavia: Journal TV– out from multiple cable distributors’ schedules. Protest at Moldavian Audiovisual Regulator’s headquarters


jurnalisti-604More employees of Jurnal TV station protested, today, in front of Audiovisual Council’s headquarters in Chisinau, as informs.


The reason for the protest was that, on January 13th, starting 00.30, Jurnal TV was removed from the basic programs packages of multiple cable distributors from Moldavian Republic. Today, the most important cable distributor in Moldavia, Sun TV, change its mind and reintroduced Jurnal TV in its main programs package.

According to, the decision was made after multiple diplomatic missions based in Chisinau took attitude.

“US embassy appealed to Moldavian authorities to insure an equitable and transparent medium in which mass-media institutions to be able to compete honestly and without favoritism. US mission in Chisinau underlined that Moldavian citizens doesn’t deserve such a mass-media situation in the country, underlining that a healthy mass-media meand reflecting a diversity of opinions and perceptions”, according to

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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