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No product placement in videos. CNA forbidded some music videos




CNA decided to demand the enter in legality for the music videos ”Inevitabil va fi bine / Unavoidable, it will be fine” (Andra) and “Aşa, şi / So, what”(Vunk) because they were identified as including product placements.

According to monitoring, some TVs blurred the products placed in videos, while some didn’t .

In Vunk’s video, there are placed products for the following brands Medlife, Mike’s Pub, 55 Jaz Music and Heineken, while in Andra’s are Garnier, Free Way Cola, La festa – soluble caffee.

CNA members considered that, in this care, Audiovisual Law’s provisions on product placement aren’t respected.

Andra’s video was broadcasted without blur on MTV, while Vunk’s was broadcasted in the same conditions by Music Channel.

Romanian Advertising Council’s point of view

Romanian Advertising Council expressed its point of view on Andra’s video, in an address sent to CNA, in which it says that product placement is allowed “if the products aren’t highlighted in an exagrated manner” and “there’s no direct encouragement towards buying them”.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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