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AUDIENCES: How many Romanians tasted the culinary shows Junior Chef and MasterChef?


televiziune_telecomanda_capitalJunior Chef, a culinary show with kids running on Antena 1, ranked 3rd, after Pro TV’s movie and the Turkish series on Kanal D, while on Tuesday, the other culinary show of the week, MasterChef, assumed the 1st position, leaving behind at significant distance the occupants of 2nd and 3rd places in terms of audience.


On Mondays, Junior Chef is consumed on 3rd place

Junior Chef ranked 3rd in terms of audience both at national level and in towns. At national level, the show with Horia Varlan and Vizante had around 880.000 viewers, surpassed by Pro TV (1,7M viewers) and Kanal D’s Feriha (1,3M viewers). In towns, the show had a little over half million viewers, while Pro TV had 890.000 and Kanal D - 650.000. On the commercial public, Junior Chef ranked 2nd , with 265.000 viewers, behind Pro TV (544.000).

On Tuesdays, Master Chef is on public’s taste

Tuesday evening was dominated by Pro TV’s MasterChef, with Pro TV being first in audiences, followed by Kanal D and Antena 1.

At national level, MasterChef had 2.1M viewers, followed by Kanal D and Feriha (1,2M) and Antena 1 and Fast and Furious (750.000). In towns, Pro TV’s show had 1.2M viewers, double audience compared to second ranked (Kanal D) and three times the audience of Antena 1, that ranked 3rd. On the commercial audience, MasterChef had 780.000 viewers, while Antena 1 had 242.000, very close to Kanal D (241.000).

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