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Digi 24 received CNA’s OK to broadcast advertising


digi 24 (2)CNA approved RCS&RDS demand for Digi 24 and the other TVs owne by the operator to broadcast advertising.


RCS&RDS demand to modify the programs’ structure, submitted to CNA so all its stations could broadcast advertising (in 20% quantum), received 6 positive votes (Florin Gabrea, Lorand Turoş, Laura Georgescu, Christian Mititelu, Răsvan Popescu, Viorel Vasile Buda, Cristina Trepcea) and just one “against” (Monica Gubernat).

RCS&RDS demanded CNA to modify its programs structure in order to broadcast advertising on February 3rd. The demand was submitted to CNA one day before the institution published the must-carry list, which includes Digi 24.

Since the launch of the station, on March 1st 2012, until now, Digi 24 didn’t broadcast advertising, only self-promotional ads.

After CNA’s decision, all RCS&RDS stations will be able to broadcast advertising

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