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TVR continues to broadcast Loto games results until the winner of broadcasts will be announced


loteria lotoTVR is to broadcast Romanian Lottery games results until the winner of an offer selection will be announced, the state TV announced, in a point of view.


Initially, Romanian Lottery annlounced that the event will be available just online. Lottery’s decision to broadcast the games on TVR come a week after the state TV was eliminated from an offer selection process launched by the Lottery.

Last week, Romanian Lottery started an offer selection process to which TVR 1 and Kanal D participated. TVR 1 was desqualified because it didn’t respected one of selection’s conditions. The winner wasn’t yet announced officially and representatives of the Lottery stated, for, that the selection process is not over yet.

On March 12th, TVR made a contestation related to the pitch organized by Romanian Lottery to National Council for Contestation Solving.

TVR is historical partner of Loto program, with just one exception: January 2006-January 2007, when loto draws were broadcasted by Antena 1. According to Mediafax, the value of the contract between Romanian Lottery and TVR was of RON 2.8 (no VAT).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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