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DolceSport – audience almost as big as Pro TV with Schalke-Steaua match. Digi isn’t measured, but Others category exploded during the football game


steauaTwo Romanian TV stations broadcasted Schalke – Steaua (0-3) football game, DigiSport (RCS) and DolceSport (Romtelecom).


Dolce Sport, channel with measured audiences, had, during the game, an audience almost equal to Pro TV: almost 800.000 Romanians watched the game, 250.000 living in urban areas.

DigiSport isn’t measured, so it’s included in audience measurement’s “Others’ category. Last night, the game made the audience for the mentioned category explode: almost 2,3M Romanians.

The audience numbers were three times higher for the category compared to the previous week.

More audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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