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Champions of fines in 2013: Antena channels and Romania TV – most fined TV stations




CNA issued in 2013 a total of 103 fines with a total value of almost half million Euros (RON 2,21M), as an analysis made by Mediafax shows. The total amount of the fines are smaller than the previous year, when CNA gave 115 fines with a total value of Euro 700,000.

Moreover, CNA also gave 154 public summons, 6 decisions to withdraw audiovisual licences and ore decisions to give the right to reply.

Antena 3 and Romania TV were the most fined TVs in 2013. Antena 3 received 18 sanctions from CNA, from which 7 fines with a total value of Euro 66,000. Romania TV ranked second in this top, wth 20 sanctions (including 7 fines worth Euro 56.000).
Antena 3 and Romania TV are followed in the top by Antena 1 (23 sanctions from which 12 fines worth Euro 55.000).

When it comes of radios, Kiss FM had 4 sanctions (including 2 fines worth Euro 3,500), Radio Zu (3 sanctions including one fine of Euro 600). Radio Guerilla had, in 2013, just 2 sanctions, but one of them was a serious one. CNA decided, on September 19th, to withdraw all radio’s licences because they were operated by another company than the one that owned the licence rights, Realitatea Media SA, something that’s forbidden by the audiovisual legislation. Moreover, Guerilla was fined RON 10,000 by CNA in 2013.

A table with the most fined stations and radios in Romania in 2013 is available here.

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