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Romanian Competition Council wants must carry on DTH also and started an investigation on the subject


consiliul concurentei realitatea netRomanian Competition Council started an investigation that aims for a possible discrimination in applying the must carry principle from Audiovisual Law, as it applies only to cable and not aso for DTH (satellite) services.


The investigation was launched after 2 complaints received, in 2012, from 2 distributors, namely RCS&RDS and Focus Sat.

Next week, Competition Council will hear CNA in regards to this subject and also demanded a written point of view, that was supposed to be voted by CNA members today, but it was postponed.

“The hearing has as object the debate on the report over the investigation on a possible break of art 9 of Competition Law by CNA, by the issueing this institution of the decision 72/2012, that includes provisions that limit the commercial autonomy of companies and establishes discriminatory conditions for their activity”, a communication sent by Competition Council says.

The council considers that the entire “must carry regime must be reconsidered and will get in contact with the Government and the Parliament in order to initiate a modification of the Audiovisual Law”, Petre Dinca, CNA advisor, said.

“Must Carry” principle is stated in Art 82 of the Audiovisual Law and demands cable operators to include in their programs offer the programs of the public TV and of private channels that are under Romanian jurisdiction, free for retransmission and without any technical or financial conditioning. For now, the principle doesn’t apply to DTH operators.

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