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Radio Zu announces CNA that Sorin Oancea withdraws from its shareholders. Oancea: I was “withdrawn”!


oanceaMedia Camina Group, owned by Voiculescu family, notified CNA related to a modification of its shareholders list, namely that “Sorin Oancea withdraws and his social shares (10%) are redistributed among the other associates”.


Contacted by, Sorin Oancea said that there are 2 lawsuits running related to his quality of shareholder with Radio Zu and added that he was “withdrawn”
According to Media Camina Group’s notification to CNA:

“The modification in shareholders structure within Media Camina Group (GMC). The demand was registered in April 2nd, agreement previous to the modification of shareholdership (Mr Sorin Oancea is withdrawing, his social parts are redistributed among the other associates).”

Sorin Oancea had 10% shares in GMC.

According to the document submitted to CNA, previous to Oancea’s withdrawl, the shareholdership structure was:

  • Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 40%
  • Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 39%
  • Voiculescu Industrial Group and Co (Grivco) SA – 10%
  • Foundation Dan Voiculescu for Romania’s development – 1%
  • Sorin Oancea – 10%

The same document says that, after Oancea’s withdrawl, the shareholdership structure modified as it follows:

  • Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 44%
  • Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 43%
  • Grivco – 11%
  • Foundation Dan Voiculescu for Romania’s development – 2%

CNA submitted to vote the modification of shareholdership. Yes votes were casted by Florin Gabrea, Lorand Turoş, Monica Gubernat, Viorel Vasile Buda, Cristina Trepcea, Răsvan Popescu and Laura Georgescu, while a no vote came from Christian Mititelu.
Sorin Oancea: I was “withdrawn”!

Contacted by, Sorin Oancea said that the situation of Radio Zu’s shareholdership is subject of 2 lawsuits that are still instrumented by authorities
Sorin Oancea, for

“Almost a year ago, I started a lawsuit at Bucharest court in which I was demanding the withdrawl from Camina, with a fair compensation. Basically, I was asking to withdraw based on an expertise to extablish the value of the company, respectively of the 10% I own. The lawsuit isn’t over, it’s still in the evaluation stage.
Camina called for a General Assembly of the associated in the start of the year and decided, abusively, my exit from the company. They didn’t wait anymore; they decided to kick me out. I was “withdrawn””, Oancea said, adding that he disputed the decision in justice and the lawsuit is ongoing.

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